TYLER, Texas — Every spring, the azaleas in Tyler begin to bloom, attracting attention from all over the world.

"Well ever since I was little. I've been coming here every spring and I've looked up to all the big girls and the pretty dresses," said Azalea Belle Caroline Wells.

The Azalea Trails started in 1960. On Friday morning, the city held a ribbon cutting ceremony to honor the trail's six decades of spring traditions.

"So in 1964, the Chamber of Commerce couple of Chamber of Commerce secretaries, this is this was a chamber of commerce event," Susan Travis, Chamber of Commerce Vice President said. "They decided that they would dress up in costumes, I think they made their own, and they got out there and they took brochures and greeted visitors."

At first, the Azalea Belles were made up from Tyler-area secretaries. However, that privilege has since passed to area high school girls who apply for the position.

"I'm so happy to represent my beautiful city," Wells said.

This year, the city selected 35 belles to be ambassadors for the city of Tyler.

"So they are out there to greet visitors smile, take a lot of pictures, especially with the little ones," said Travis.

It is a responsibility belles like Wells and Ashley Nguye have dreamed of having.

"I've dreamed of it ever since I was really little," Nguye said. "We'd come and look at the azaleas, I would see the Azalea Belles and I was like they look like princesses, I want to be one. 

The girls were front and center during the ribbon cutting for the Annual Azalea and Spring Flower Trail ceremony just like they will be front and center along the trails for the next three weekends.

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