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Super Cowboys fan hopes for a Super Bowl win

The last time we visited Stoney Kersh, and his house-turned Dallas Cowboys museum in Arlington, was two years ago when the Cowboys last made the playoffs and when his German Shepherd named "Dak" was just a pup.

Now with Sunday's win, the Cowboys are back in the playoffs. So I asked Kersh how he's feeling now.

"Yeah,we're so excited around here it's not even funny," Kersh said.

But is he actually excited or just a bit relieved?

"Both," Kersh said. "Relieved and excited."

He's excited to keep building his Dallas Cowboys collection that covers every corner inside his house.

Cowboys emblems and artwork cover every one of Kersh's vehicles in the driveway. His garage features his miniature "Cowboys City" that descends from the ceiling with the help of cables and pulleys and an espresso machine motor.

And Kersh is excited to add an extra man-cave building in the backyard that now holds some of the Cowboys memorabilia he used to have to keep in off-site storage.

And, he's excited to have his friends over with something to party and cheer about, for a welcome change.

"Today's worth a big party," Kersh said. "The big, big party comes when we win the Super Bowl."

And surrounded by all these pieces of Cowboys history, his friends can't help but have rabid playoff fever, too.

"I'm glad they're back in the playoffs," said Collin Shivers from Lufkin on his first visit to Stoney's Cowboys Museum. "I'm ready for them to prove themselves in the playoffs though."

"I mean this could be the year man. I believe it," added Cowboys fan Anthony Hayes.

"Oh yeah. We're doing it this year," Stoney's wife Diana sad standing in front of their Cowboys bobblehead collection. "I'm like the bobbleheads over here you know," she said, nodding her head.

"We're going," she laughed.

"I just hope and I feel that they will stay on the path that they're on right now and keep the winning going," Kersh said. "Because all this is, is a hat and a T-shirt. We got bigger things to do besides this."

Which is where reality sets in a bit for Kersh. Yes, the 'Boys are in the playoffs. But it's been more than two decades since their last Super Bowl win.

So he'd like you to meet his boys: his adult sons Dylan and Stoney Jr.

"Yeah, how about them Cowboys!" Dylan yelled as Kersh made his plea to the team.

"The last time we won, guys, the Cowboys, these two right here were babies," Kersh said. "They're grown and gone out of the house now. It's time to win again, let's go Cowboys."

"Let's go D!" his sons yelled.

"Yep, I raised them right," Kersh said.

So today yes, Kersh and the rest of the Cowboys Nation is happy. But they also hope this year has a lot more left to cheer for.