TYLER, Texas — After a string recent vehicle burglaries, the Tyler Police Department is asking residents to take the steps to ensure they don't become an easy target.

On Thursday, around 12:20 a.m., a resident of the Wood Trail apartment complex, located at 1909 Shiloh Road, says they came upon three young, black males who were attempting burglarizing a vehicle. The trio ran away when they were approached by the witness, according to the TPD.  

Two hours later, around 2:25 a.m., police received reports of another burglary at the Alpine Creek apartment complex, located at 4400 Paluxy Drive. Officers were already in the area searching for the alleged burglars from the initial report wen they spotted three young, black males walking down Paluxy Drive with a backpack and flashlights.

"There were purses, there were hundreds of coins taken from cars that were in the backpack, power charger cords, phone stuff and they were our suspects," TPD Public Information Officer Don Martin said.

The juveniles were taken into custody while officers searched for other victims.  

According to the TPD, four to five more cars at Alpine Creek had been rummaged through.

Two of the juveniles arrested were 16-years-old, while the other was 15. Police believe the boys are responsible for numerous auto burglaries in Tyler.

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According to Officer Martin, police see spikes in automobile burglaries when the weather is more favorable. But, overall, it is something that happens year round.

"It happens, unfortunately, all the time," Officer Martin said. "And we're aware of that and we do our best to combat it."

Officer Martin says there are certain areas that are at a higher risk of vehicle burglaries.

"If you look at Paluxy [Road] and Shiloh [Road], there's a lot of apartment complexes on there," Officer Martin said. "So [it's] no different than a shopping center on Broadway [Avenue], and that is an area filled with a lot of parking lots with a lot of cars and it makes some prime targets."

Officer Martin says in order to avoid being the victim of car burglary, there are certain precautions you should take.

"Before you lock your doors up, take everything out," Officer Martin said. "Take your GPS, your cell phones, your laptops, your wallet, your purses, anything that you leave in your car that you forgot. Park in the driveway where you've got a motion light that pops on as soon as a suspect walks in the driveway. Even better yet, put it in garage, if you've got room in the garage, or you can make room in a garage."