Neal McCoy's newest song, released on iTunes yesterday, is about taking a knee. It is something personal for McCoy since he is the son and grandson of Veterans.

The song talks about the men and women in our military who are fighting or fought for our freedoms and the need to stand for the flag.

McCoy confirmed with CBS19 that it is in direct relation to Colin Kaepernick's protest. McCoy says he understands Kaepernick's cause, but wants him and other athletes to find another way to protest.

"People do have the right to protest on whatever it is their protesting just sometimes where you choose to do it we just thought, I just thought personally that it is wrong," McCoy stated.

McCoy told CBS19 this song is his own opinion on this topic and he welcomes others. He cares deeply about what the flag stands for and doesn't want its image tarnished.

An opinion that has resonated across social media with over 63k likes, and nearly 100,000 shares.

Learn more about Neal's newest single here.