UNCERTAIN, Texas – For years, Uncertain, Texas has lured visitors from across the country to the small East Texas town.

"It's a difficult place to describe,” said Mike Fox, the city’s mayor. “It's like going back in time."

Becky Arnold, the owner of Shady Glade, a restaurant in town describes the city as, “real quiet, very peaceful."

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With a population of less than 100 people, it's places like Caddo Lake that draw thousands of tourists to the city every year.

“The Caddo Lake area is really nutrient rich, it supports a lot of wildlife,” said Laura-Ashley Overdyke, the Executive Director of The Caddo Lake Institute. “There's well over 200 species of birds. We have almost 80 species of fish in this lake.”

Overdyke works for an organization working to protect Caddo Lake.

“The Caddo Lake Institute has the mission of trying to protect the ecology and the cultural history—and the economic integrity of this region,” she added.

Caddo Lake flows right alongside Uncertain.

Mike Landrum, who is one of many locals offering tours of the lake says he’s seen people from, “Japan, China, South Korea, India, most countries in Asia and even New Zealand.”

The Caddo Lake is also home to the largest ball cypress forest in the world.

Of course, after you've visited the lake, you can't forget to stop and grab a bite to eat at the Shady Glade Cafe. The local eatery serves up some of your southern dishes.

One question that lots of people have asked is, “how did the city get its name?”

“One story has it, they [the founders] went down to file the paperwork to incorporate the city and they hadn't selected a name for the city,” said Mayor Fox. “So, they just selected Uncertain.”

Another story, according to the mayor is that back in the 1800s when boats went to Jefferson to trade, they were uncertain if they could get through the river here, so they started calling the place Uncertain.

There's a couple of versions out there, you choose which one you want to believe, either way, “it's nothing but a country boy's dream out here,” said Joshua Gaston, who lives in Uncertain, Texas.

They offer everything from duck hunting, fishing and even a little rest and relaxation at one of the city’s bed and breakfast spots in town.

With many different options and places to see, you can find more information by visiting the city’s website here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Caddo Lake Institute or to support their cause, please click here.