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East Texas teachers go out of their way to stay close with students by sending friendship bracelets

The bracelets aren’t only a symbol of love, but a reminder that things will be okay.

LINDALE, Texas — With Texas classroom doors closed for the remainder of the school year, some teachers say it’s challenging not to see their students faces in person. Two Lindale ISD teachers wanted a safe way to stay close to their students, and sent them friendship bracelets so they can know that they are missed and loved.

Amanda Yuhanna, a first-grade teacher at College Station Elementary, says this gesture was the least she could do to put a smile on her students faces, “I just kind of wanted them to have something physical that they can hang on to,” said Yuhanna. “Could remind them that it's going to be okay, and that I'm thinking about them and that they will get to see their friends soon, so I just had thought that a friendship bracelet was a good way to do that.”

The bracelets aren’t only a symbol of love, but a reminder that things will be okay, “my hope is with the bracelet it will be just a good reminder for them to see that eventually that light of coming back to school is going to happen, and that with the bracelet we have something to kind of hang on to,” said Yuhanna. “It's just kind of a good reminder for them to know that you know it's going to be okay and that eventually they will get through this.”

Megan Fadal, a first-grade teacher at Velma Penny Elementary School, also sent her students friendship bracelets, and says seeing pictures of her students wearing the bracelets brings a smile to her face. “It just fills my heart with joy I miss them tremendously, and so, just getting a little glimpse of them makes my day. It really does,” said Fadal.

Fadal wanted her students to feel extra special, and made yard signs saying, “my teacher misses me.”

“I was doing drive by visits to say hello, and then once the state home orders were issued,” said Fadal. “I just set the signs out their yard so they knew that I was there.”

Both Yuhanna and Fadal hope their gesture not only warms their students hearts, but reminds them know they are there for their students no matter what.