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Tyler CBD store opens as memorial to owner's mother

Purely CBD sells THC free products in the attempt to steer people away from pharmaceutical drugs

TYLER, Texas — The CBD craze is taking over cities across America. 

One of those stores is Purely CBD in Tyler, which sells hemp based products.

Christopher Bazzle is the owner of Purely CBD in Tyler. In 2010, his mother died from a heart attack in her sleep. 

"You know I just constantly think, every time I turn the key and open up the shop, if we had CBD when my mother was around maybe she’d still be here," Bazzle said.

Christopher's mother was prescribed opioids for jaw pain when he was a child. 

"That’s really my motivation for opening up a CBD store," Bazzle explained. "Is to get people away from wanting to use pharmaceutical drugs.”

Purely CBD sells products they say are 100 percent THC free, as it is illegal to buy any product containing THC in Texas. 

Earlier this week, the Tyler Police Department sent out letters to several retail stores that sell CBD products, warning them to remove any item off their shelves that contain THC. Purely CBD was not one of those stores. 

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Bazzle says he simply wants to help people alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, pain and even depression. 

"We opened the shop is to help people with those problems, to get people away from pharmaceutical drugs because they bring symptoms," Bazzle said. "We found that CBD doesn’t really bring people symptoms at all."

Because CBD doesn't contain THC, the intoxicating component of marijuana, it does not show up on drug tests. 

"Basically it brings our bodies to synopsis which it levels off our bodies," Bazzle said. "What that is, it means that our anxiety is up so it brings down our anxiety to an even level playing field. Same thing with depression."

CBD comes in a variety of forms including creams, tinctures and even edible form such as gummy bears and trail mix. Many stores, including Purely CBD, sell bark bites and tinctures especially to help out our furry friends. 

Bazzle says before using CBD-infused product, consumers should have a reason to start.

"So say if you have arthritis we’ll give you the creams. If you have a chronic anxiety disorder, we’ll give you the tinctures because it’s longer lasting," Bazzle said. "If you have test anxiety or if you wake up and you just don’t want to go to work you can take the water solubles cause it’s fast acting."

Despite all of the hype surrounding CBD, Bazzle says there's still a stigma surrounding the products, something he's trying desperately to eliminate.

"Come in, talk to us , hear us out," Bazzle said. "Hear what we have to say and then you can make your judgment there."

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