TYLER, Texas — A few weeks after severe weather moved through the city of Tyler, the stormwater department is still hard at work cleaning up. 

If you drive through town, you might still see some trees down, not to mention debris in creek beds.

"Right now, a lot of the calls are cave-in's over pipe systems either in the street, or in people's yards, or near inlet boxes," Foreman of the department Jeff Kirt said. 

Kirt explains that after a storm rolls through they focus on the major creek beds, clearing those out, and then moving on to the next item on the priority list.

Right now, they are focused on those cave-in's he mentioned. 

Once those are fixed, the crew will go back to working on the smaller inlets and creek beds. 

The reason those are not a priority right now is because water is still flowing. 

"If we see a little buildup, right now, we tend to let it go. As long as the channels are flowing," Kirt said.

Areas like E. Gentry Parkway and Old Gladewater Highway, fifth street, Grande, and Broadway are all areas they check immediately during and after a storm due to those being problem areas. 

"When the water is really flowing hard it's bringing down whole trees and a lot of debris that block the channel crossing," Kirk explained.

For more information on the city's stormwater department, click here.