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UPDATE: Sheriff confirms 6-year-old Mt. Vernon boy dies of stab wound

According to Franklin County Sheriff, Ricky Jones, 6-year-old Benjamin Roycroft died of a stab wound.


FRANKLIN COUNTY (KYTX) - According to Franklin County Sheriff, Ricky Jones, 6-year-old Benjamin Roycroft died of a stab wound.

FRANKLIN COUNTY (KYTX) - Neighbors react to a woman charged with capital murder, accused of killing her 6-year-old stepson.

A case that has investigators baffled.

It happened at Logan's Pointe Apartments where neighbors witnessed the arrest of Christie Lynn Roycroft.

"Before they could even get to the door, she walked out and just handed them something," said neighbor Krystal Fulmer.

Fulmer was across the street from apartment 202 Thursday morning when she saw police cars swarm the home.

"They just pulled up and got out of the vehicle and she came walking out of the door," Fulmer said.

She says she knew something bad happened when she saw Christie Roycroft hand police what she says appeared to be a weapon and then wait for them to handcuff her.

"You know she knew I guess that she was going to be arrested. It just didn't look right," Fulmer stated.

Franklin County Sheriff, Ricky Jones, says he walked onto a scene he won't forget.

"When we arrived, she was standing outside of her apartment, the lady suspect was standing outside the apartment. we asked her if we could enter the residence and she said yes and allowed officers to go inside where we discovered the young boy inside the doorway," said Sheriff Jones.

Benjamin Roycroft, described by neighbors as a happy kid, was found dead inside of the apartment and investigators are still trying to figure out what happened.

"I think if you knew why, it still wouldn't make sense," said Sheriff Jones.

Neighbors, however, offer condolences to those who knew and loved Benjamin.

"To the father and the family of that little boy, I have a son of my own and lots of other kids that I consider my own," said Fulmer. "For something like that to happen to that little boy is just heartbreaking."

The little boy's body was taken to Dallas for an autopsy. There will be no official cause of death released until those results are back.

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