VAN, Texas — There's a new addition to the playground at Van Intermediate school.

It's called the 'Buddy Bench' and it holds a bigger purpose than just a place to sit. 

“Help kids make friends, spread kindness, happiness, less bullying.” says Jacob Parker, Van High School student

In order to earn his Eagle Scout badge, Jacob needed to complete a project that benefited the community. 

So, he used his own challenges to come up with an idea. 

“I know what it’s like to be left out," says Parker, "I thought it would be great to build Buddy Benches so less people are left out."

It's simple.

“If someone's sitting here, and you’re playing, you can run over here and ask if you want to play.” says Van Intermediate School student, Robby

The bench has already been a big success, and has helped build friendships. 

“Right after we put them out, several kids were sitting on the bench, kids would make friends.” says Parker