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How VERIFY combats misinformation

Misinformation can be hard to spot. That’s why VERIFY is here.

Misinformation can be hard to spot. People get their news from more places than ever, from social media to websites to a range of news outlets. Some of those sources report the truth. But some report incorrect information, whether intentional or just because they don’t know how to examine sources. That’s where we come in. 

We are VERIFY. We are a team of trained journalists that identifies viral claims and reports whether that information is true or false. We take a fact-based approach to researching stories so we can clearly show you what’s accuratewithout spin 

VERIFY is available across multiple digital platforms, including verifythis.com, our daily newsletterYouTubeFacebookInstagramTwitterSnapchat and via text message at: 202-410-8808. 

How do we fact-check claims?  

1. We use multiple Primary Sources  

At VERIFY, we strive to provide at least two primary sources to verify whether a claim is true or false.  Primary sources are sources that are as close to the original information as possible. That means we use documents such as government reports, statements from people directly involved in the story, as well as interviews with experts. We don’t use other media outlets as sources. When someone shares a VERIFY story they can be sure the reporting is accurate, because there are multiple primary sources supporting the facts.

2. We report on Viral Claims 

There is a lot of content floating around on social media, websites and TV stations every day. We don’t tackle everything. We verify claims that are gaining traction. We also consider how much the claims are impacting people’s lives. We want our audience to have the best, most accurate information so they can make smart, informed decisions.  

3. We answer Your Questions 

We want you to write to us whenever you see something you want verifiedYou can reach us whether you’re on your phone, tablet or computer. 

To submit a question: 

  • Text us at 202-410-8808 
  • Email us at questions@verifythis.com  
  • Go to our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tag @verifythis or #verifythis 
  • Go to our website at www.verifythis.com  
  • Or use the form below. 

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