A brawl broke out during the middle of a traffic jam Friday afternoon as dozens of people looked on from their vehicles, in a video shared exclusively with KVUE.

Austin police said a caller reported a disturbance in the area near Loyola Lane and U.S. 183 just before noon.

In the video submitted to KVUE, a man and the passenger in his vehicle can be seen arguing with a shirtless man before all of them began throwing punches at each other.

Other cars can be heard honking at the men as the fight causes them to bump into other cars on the street.

Eventually, all of the men got back into their cars as the video ends.

Austin police had no further information on the incident.

Road rage incidents like the one in the video aren't unheard of in the capital city.

In January 2016, two men used a pole and baseball bat to fight each other at the intersection of Slaughter Lane and Interstate 35. That case was investigated as an aggravated assault.