TYLER, Texas —

If you didn't already know, Thursday is the big day for LOVE. 

Most people rush out to buy the usual chocolate and flowers while others are out buying guns! 

It's pretty common in East Texas for a piece of steel to be the key to someone's heart. 

Of course, it's a day of showering people with gifts. So, when owner of Guns and Knives, Mack Woods was asked which one is better: Chocolate or guns? 

The answer was obvious. 

“I mean the chocolate’s going to melt and probably just make you fat but you can have fun with the guns and they won't ever melt,” he said.

They are throwing out the usual bottle of cologne, wallet and watch that's sometimes given for valentine's day every year and trading it in for firearms. 

He added, “Frequently from lady buyers here looking to buy something personal for the man in their life.”  

The options range from pistols, A-K-47s and knives. 

“It might sound like an unusual gift but really, not so much,” he said. 

In addition to the sheer fact of wanting to appreciate a significant other, Mack says the gun sales contribute to women getting more comfortable going into gun stores. 

“I think they are getting a better reception in shops now than they used to. They probably felt a bit uncomfortable coming in a gun shop. Not so much anymore,” he said.

So when most men are picking out the perfect way to say, "I love you," so is she.

“The mere fact that you're here making the effort to purchase something that is special for your loved one, that says a lot about your interest and you're care by itself,” he said.