KILGORE — What makes a good coach?

"Somebody that has a positive influence on the young people or the people that their coaching, so that they are a better person by being in your program," Kilgore Superintendent Mike Morrison said.

Words used to describe, Athletic Director and Head Coach Mike Wood as well.

Coach Wood served as defensive coordinator and assistant head coach before taking over as head coach in 2010.

Before coming to Kilgore, he served as the defensive line coach at Ruston High School in Ruston Louisiana. He also coached at Huntington High School as the defensive coordinator and head golf coach.

In addition, he was the assistant head coach and defensive line coach at Airline High School in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Needless to say, football is in his blood.

"He stepped up when a coach was hurt," Kilgore quarterback Gus Witt said. "He's been the safety coach, he's been the d-line coach. He's helped out a lot."

Stepping up, being accountable and responsibility are only a few of the many things Coach Wood instills in his players.

"One thing that is important and we talk a lot about is being accountable. Being accountable for your teammates and being accountable for your actions," Coach Wood explained. "Being a man of character, being someone who lives a life that matters and I think we can teach I am at that a lot of those characteristics are going to carry over into life."

"I think he’s teaching them that hard work is the best way to achieve your goal," Morrison said. "If you set your goal to accomplish something and you work hard enough to work that well then you have a good chance to succeed."

Coach Wood is described as a 'man's man', something his players are taught to be as well.

"He talked to us about how to be a real man and how to have good traits," Witt said.

Every coach has different motivations. But Coach Wood's motivations are clear: He is there as a role model for his players.

"I think the thing that I try to do is always put the kids first and sometimes that means being a disciplinary and sometimes that means being a father and sometimes it means being a mentor," Coach Wood explained. "I want those children to succeed, and successful in this and hopefully be successful in life."

Coach Wood is a father, a husband, and a coach. He holds those titles and many more with pride and integrity.