If you're a T-mobile customer, chances are you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say, "Scam Likely" called me today.

For the first time today I got a call that looked like this:

At first I was taken aback...

To start, I never added a particular phone number in my phone that way, I don't know anyone in that part of PA, so who on earth is this calling me!

After a bit of research, here's what I found. T-mobile has rolled out a free, automatic scam protection program that according to their website, allows you to "put scammers in their place and answer all your calls worry free."

T-mobile offers "Scam-ID," "Scam Block," and "Name ID."

Scam ID shows you instantly when calls are coming in from known scammers. The protection is built right into the network and will work automatically on all phones that have caller ID. You don't have to install anything special to have this service and there is no extra charge on your cell phone plan.

Scam Block all calls from known scammers are blocked and won't even reach your phone period. To turn this feature on, dial #ONB# or #662#.

Name ID takes your scam protection to the next level for an extra cost. For $4 a month, you can identify any caller's name and location as well as block any personal numbers that may or may not be in your address book.

Still have questions? Check out the information page on "Scam Likely."

Scam Likely across social media:

For fun I answered "Hello, you're on the air!" but they hung up on me.

— Tim Chilehead Thomas (@timdthomas) August 1, 2017