TYLER - The John Tyler girls basketball team struggled during the 2017-2018 season. But they did have some very talented players and on Thursday, 3 of them decided where they'd be playing basketball next year.

J'Kimbria Criss will be heading to West Texas to play at Clarendon College while Za'Kiyah Jones and Jazmyne Hicks will both stay close to home and play at Texas College.

Criss is excited for the opportunity to continue her basketball career, saying "I worked very, very hard for this opportunity and I'm just excited about the whole experience."

As for Jones, she'll be following a familiar path and she feels confident about what she'll be able to do.

Jones says, "My momma went there so I would like to do what she did, but be better. My family want to see me be a success...they already know that I'm going to be a beast...I'm gonna be a beast."