TYLER - This weeks player continues to make the impossible possible after coming off of a 2-8 season last year and as he continues to be a dual threat on the field guess what he's this weeks American State Bank Player of the Week.

I've definitely stepped my game up I haven't been playing as good this year but still I'm trying to lean on all aspects of the game so definitely just trying to provide for my team and be distributor of the ball and hopefully put points up on the board, we're finally watching our hard work pay off you know. Coming up off of the bye week, working real hard, and practice for two weeks and just executing our team goals and coming away with the win.

Oh they're [The Team] are my first priority everyday, the first thing when I wake up everyday I have to see them and when I leave they're the last people I really see they're my brothers I have to go to war for them every Friday and everyday during the week so I love these guys.

He's [Coach Traylor] definitely he's man of strong faith and I think that's one of the key things that he instills in us to keep our faith strong and just go out and be leaders and know who to follow. A matter of fact it was just Monday he told us no matter what he still believes in us he believes that we can go to a state championship he thinks we can still win district no matter what that's definitely still something that we bring to the table and we can do anything that we put our mind to.

Just going out there and doing it for the next people because that's all that matters is the future and what's coming and what we're leaving behind us, and there's just as important people coming behind us and what were leaving behind and I think it's important for the people to go hard and show them how it's supposed to be done from here on out.

I'm still kind of taken away it seems like it was yesterday when I was just a freshman watching Zach Hall so you know it's just kind of crazy this being my last time it's just one of the things I live by every play I play. It's my last time and go hard in practice and out on the field.

I think we're the heart of East Texas you know everybody goes back to Tyler when they talk about 'bEAST Texas' us winning championships in 2004, and Longview were always going to be in the mix were going to always set the boundaries and the standards for East Texas and 'bEAST Texas.'

I think that's one of the things you have to think about while playing the game that you have a passion for is definitely you definitely have to have fun or it's not going to be fun or be an enjoyable game.