TYLER - Around this time last year, he was putting up big numbers and now he's back. This is weeks athlete has thrown for 17 touchdowns in his first first four games and continues to cause havoc for defenses through out this season and he's this week's American State Bank Player of the Week.

It's a blessing to be here we worked really hard it all came together Friday the offense started clicking a little bit you know the greatest thing right now is that we're 4-0 and there's so much room to improve so it's a blessing to be here and I'm just hoping that we can keep winning and keep succeeding off the field and maybe more of us will get some attention and we can complete the trifecta.

They told me last year during sophomore year may have just been a string of luck but I'm hoping I'm trying to improve as much as I can every week and hoping that it's not just a fluke that I'm here and that we're 4-0 but it's a blessing and I couldn't do it without my offensive line you know both years I've had amazing offensive lines I've had a great set of receivers great running back to follow up and make us be unpredictable on the offensive side of the ball so it's not a personal award for me as when this award goes to me I share it with the team.

Here we had some guys graduate but we filled those spots those shoes we're pretty big to fill but there's not just one guys I can chuck it up to anymore and it's made me a smarter quarterback, our communities are very important we go out there every Friday night and we represent the 'Cru' that's on our uniforms so every night those stands are pretty packed and we hear them cheering us on and it brings another level to our game play.

I wouldn't play this sport if I didn't have fun while playing it you know I try to go out there and I have all the reads in my mind before the game I think everyone that I've ever had support me they always text me before the game and remind me to have fun so that's been my main goal through out the years that I've played football since I was in 5th grade I'm out there to compete and have fun and if we win that's even more fun.

I can put it in any other terms I get excited when I get on the field it's fun when I get on the field I throw touchdowns it may not be fun to throw and interception but you get back there and you get back on another drive another play you know it's fun every down and I wouldn't trade it for the world.