CHAPEL HILL - In the past two weeks this player has put up big numbers against two teams in the district of doom specifically Kilgore and Henderson, and guess what he's just a sophomore and this weeks American State Bank Player of the Week.

Coming into two-a-days and we were doubted by a whole lot of people and I think we've proved some of those doubters wrong. Beating Tatum, Tatum was a great team. Beating Gladewater is pretty great. Hanging on with Henderson, we were in that game we had a chance to win it and then.

Last week against Kilgore it was a close game it came down to the final second I feel like we're going to be good in the district. I mean it's the 'district of doom' but we're part of that doom piece. Coming into the season I was a little nervous. In the game against Wills Point I was nervous I kept rolling, and I feel comfortable back there now. I know going into the game that the o-line is going to protect me, my running backs are going to protect me and my receivers are going to go get the ball. It feels pretty cool.

When step on the field you just know you're going to have fun, and it just represents 'bEAST texas' I'm not from here but when I moved here they told me the football is going to be tougher. The difference in Alabama, since it's close to Florida they're pretty fast but not that much faster. But down here you have people that lift wood all day, it's more physical down here.

Coach Hooker, when he was good coming in. I knew when they named him it was going to be a good season for us because he's a great coach. He's always on us, he's going to be the first person to tell you if you're doing something good, and he's definitely going to be the first person to tell you if you're doing something bad. It's just all the coaches too, they're awesome.