CANTON - The Canton Eagles are known for producing high caliber athletes and in this case a quarterback. His team is currently 3-1 in district play and he's this week's American State Bank Player of the Week.

My play, I mean I couldn't have done it without anyone on my team. I came in knowing what I had to do and my team knew what they had to do and we just executed really well. It was a big win for us our offensive line stepped up and our receivers just got open and let us throw the ball around a little bit.

We started off losing to Brownsboro and that was rough. We bounced back to win a couple and now we feel like we have a chance of making a good run here.

I feel like we came out of nowhere this year, graduating two of the big star offensive players last year I don't think anybody thought our offense would actually step but losing to Wills Point was kind of a downer but then coming back and getting two huge wins and knowing that's where were leading off that right now I feel like we have a good shot at everything right now.

Oh it's a brotherhood we all have a great bond together not just on the field or in a gym or anything like that just outside of school and everything we have a bond. If were ever down we just get each other right back up you know 'T-L-B' (teammates, leaders, and brothers). We all lead each other and we all are like brothers to each other and we would do anything for each other.

Oh he [Coach Robert Ivey] means a lot always staying on us if we're not doing good or not doing right then he's going to stay on us, then if we do what's right like after a big win you know just having fun he has fun with us it's not boring.

If our fans are not enjoying it then, their minds are being taken off their coming out Friday nights their minds are being taken off everything, everywhere from the tornado even baseball we felt like our fans were there to get their minds off things and just coming out and watching us win has got to be fun for them.

I plan to work all summer long with our receivers that are returning Cameron Sullivan and Cooper Smith they're a junior and sophomore I plan to keep them all of us on the field during 7 on 7 even outside of 7 on 7 here on our own out here working and just see where that can lead us.