BULLARD - Being a two-way player isn't simple but for this week's athlete playing on both sides of the field is in his nature and he does it with ease and he's this weeks American State Bank Player of the Week.

I love football I've been playing it since I was very young and to be doing it now it's great to be able to still be playing football is great. It's a lot of fun and we have a great group of guys and they always push me to make me better and I push them to make them better and it's just fun being around them.

The fact that even though our season is not going as we want they never give up and we have hope that we can still make the playoffs.

Just trying to build a new respect for Bullard because we don't have the respect from everybody that we want so we're just trying to build that right now for the future of Bullard so when I come back I can possibly enroll my kids here in Bullard could be an entirely different football program.

Yes I love it [being a two-way player] I'm up for the challenge if coach wants me to do it I'm going to do it. I was just trying to help my team win trying to do anything I could to bring home the 'W' so it was just more for the team than for myself.

I think Friday night lights around here means a lot more than in any other place because a lot of great athletes come out of East Texas as of now we're getting the recognition that we should be getting. We're a very unselfish team and I like that because we don't focus on one star player or two star athletes we focus on the whole team and how everyone can contribute.

I love Coach Callaway he came in with a good attitude kind of let us lead because he's a new guy and he kind of said it's our team he let us lead and do not what we wanted but what was needed. He's a great coach great leader great guy overall.

I've had the most amount of fun I've ever had playing football this year these guys have just been great and I love each and every one of them to death and they've made my senior season as of now probably my greatest season of football.