BULLARD - The Brook Hill football team will open the 2017 season with the 3rd annual American Warrior Bowl.

In 2015, they played a team from Texas. In 2016, they played a team from Florida. And this year, the Guard is really branching out as they'll be playing Royal Imperial Collegiate High School from Ontario, Canada.

The Knights coach was in town on Friday to check out the campus and the area. And he's looking forward to bringing his team down to Texas next month.

RICC coach Joseph Hagins says, "We're coming from Canada to Texas and most people would be like, 'oh, you're feeding your boys to the wolves', but, I mean, it's what we have to do, if we're going to be taken serious as a football team, we need to be playing some serious football."

The game will be on Saturday, September 2nd, and will be the culmination of a weekend full of activities, including a community service project and a tailgate party. And the coaches hope it will be an experience both teams will remember for a long time.

Coach Hagins says, "Everyone has certain things that you just remember forever and I think this is going to be that situation for my guys, that they're going to look back and remember when we came to play Brook Hill."