HALLSVILLE - The Cowboys Football Academy made it's way to East Texas. The football clinic was held this afternoon at Bobcat Stadium in Hallsville. The three day camp started off with high school students being able to learn the fundamentals of football from a few former NFL pros. Bishop T.K. Gorman and Green Bay Packers stand out George Cumby along with former cowboys running back Erik Bickerstaff were just a of the coaches participating in the clinic. According to former NFL cornerback and Director of the Cowboys Football Academy Terrence Wheatley says the camp is all about giving kids the opportunity to excel.

"We were all at one point told no at one point in our career and so for a lot of these kids it's about giving the fundamentals that way they can go out and put there best foot forward and really become the best football player they can be that's the goal of this thing we want them to strive for perfection and when they go out there on Friday night go out there and use all of these tools that their being taught today and they're going to be that much better than their competition."