TYLER - For the last 12 years, Danny Palmer has been the head coach of the TJC football team. He's led the Apaches to the conference tournament 7 times and has an overall record of 70-46.

But on Tuesday, Palmer decided it was time to hang up his whistle as he announced he was stepping down as the Apaches head coach.

Palmer says, "I'm not going to say that I won't coach again, but it's time, and I've been told by my former mentors...that you will know when it's time to kind of step back and reevaluate."

For the last several years, while the Apaches haven't had the playoff success they've hoped for, they have become a player on the national stage. Every year, TJC finds themselves in the national rankings and Palmer always had a knack for finding some of the top recruits.

TJC interim Athletic Director Chuck Smith says, "What he's been able to do to keep TJC in the limelight nationally has been nothing but positive for us."

Palmer made it very clear that he was not retiring. He'll still be seen on campus as he will now be working as a special assistant to the athletic department.

And he has some advice for whoever gets the job next.

Palmer says, "Just be yourself, you'll fit right in, people will welcome you, they will embrace you, and the person that comes in here will be a person that TJC trusts."