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East Texas Professional Credit Union player of the week: Jalen Hale

Longview's Jalen Hale earns player of the week.

LONGVIEW, Texas — It's not often for a receiver to break his school's receiving touchdown record before his junior year is even over. 

It's also pretty rare for someone so young to have over 30 division one offers, most of them coming from power five conferences.

With all that being said we introduce you to Jalen Hale, the Longview Lobo record holder who just happens to be our week 14 East Texas Professional Credit Union player of the week.

Ashley - "Let's start with the fact that you are just a junior, you're only a junior. And you've been on varsity since your freshman year, which I had never seen done in my years in Longview. And it hadn't happened in 15 years. What was that like being, you know, with all the big kids and whatnot, you know, when as soon as you stepped into high school."

Jalen - Iit was a great experience. I mean, I enjoyed it. I had to weigh my tone, and not just sit back and learn from the people in front."

A - "What makes you stand out, would you say as a receiver when you're out there, and you see that one on one coverage? What makes you stand out?"

J - "I mean, when I'm out there, I got the mindset, like he can't garden. So when the bog is due, I just feel like this is my moment."

A - "Okay, so I watched you play and I see a something I see you do all the time is, you know, the defender always gets masked when it comes to those jump passes. You are like the best in East Texas. Is that something you practice? You practice on your hops? I know you play basketball a little bit, but like, tell me a little bit about that."

J - "To be honest, we worked on it in practice. So we work to do is to have fun in the game. I just use it as a game. We've been taught it in practice. I just carried over to the game."

A - "Is it a lot of pressure with all eyes on you every Friday?"

J - "To be honest, I don't think like the stars and stuff. I just play."

A - "You have over 30 offers from all these different schools. You have 30 offers some power five schools. What's it looking like with the recruiting process right now? Like have you narrowed that down? Do you have favorite teams that favorite schools that you wouldn't mind playing for?"

J - "Yes. I'm gonna just mention three teams. Oklahoma, Ohio State, Alabama."

A - "Congratulations on all your success and I wish you nothing but the best on Friday because as I told you, I'm along the Lobo myself and I would definitely love to see another state championship."

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