TYLER - George Cumby started his stellar career in East Texas at T.K. Gorman. After leaving the Crusaders, he was a 3-time All-American at Oklahoma then had a successful 8 year career in the NFL.

Now, Cumby is back in East Texas to help the future stars.

Next Saturday (June 23), Cumby will host his 3rd annual Skills, Drills, and Fundamentals camp at All Saints. Cumby and his coaches will help kids learn how to play the game. But more important than the Xs and Os...they'll help the kids become well-rounded athletes.

Cumby says, "We train kids to develop their character and to check out what their mom and dad are doing to make sure that they're doing what they need them to do and that kind of thing, so we want to develop the whole kid."

The camp will run from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM on Saturday, June 23, at All Saints. For more information, click here.