HENDERSON & KILGORE - When the Henderson and Kilgore football teams met in October, it was an important game. Both teams had recently lost to Carthage and both were trying to work back towards the top of the 9-4A standings.

When they meet this week, much more will be on the line for these two teams.

The Lions and Bulldogs will meet in a 3rd round playoff game on Friday night. It's the first time they've met in the postseason since a first round matchup back in 2003. While the teams are very familiar with each other, they say a lot of time has passed since their first meeting and that things will definitely be different this time around.

Kilgore head coach Mike Wood says, "We're a different football team than we were 6 weeks ago and they are too, so we kind of forget about the first one."

Henderson head coach Phil Castles adds, "Every time you go against Kilgore, it is a rivalry...and you couple that with the fact that we've already met earlier and they beat us, so all of those emotions are part of the game."

Kilgore and Henderson will meet on Friday night. Kickoff is at 7 PM and the game will be played at Pirate Stadium in Longview.