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'I'm Possible:' Henderson sophomore defies odds to qualify for UIL State Track and Field championships in shot put

After being born with one leg, Cason Weatherton has shattered every obstacle in front of him and is now headed to the UIL state track meet.

HENDERSON, Texas — An adaptive athlete is when long-term injuries leave an athlete unable to compete in able-bodied versions of sports, forcing the person to adapt. 

Henderson sophomore Cason Weatherton, has had to adapt his entire life. Born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, Weatherton had one leg amputated before birth. His syndrome has only fueled him to compete at the highest level.

“With Cason, there are no excuses. Doesn’t ever say no. Just gets to work and finds a way to get it done," said Henderson Coach Kyle Farrell.

After Weatherton's videos went viral for competing in powerlifting, Farrell was approached about including a new sport for Weatherton to compete in: Seated Shot Put. This would allow Weatherton to compete in the UIL's wheelchair division. 

“He's probably the second coach that has really tried to give me into sports because he's seen the things I'm capable of," said Weatherton. "And I really appreciate him for like getting me to try new things”

Weatherton's story has inspired countless people, but none more than his mom, Shalondra Weatherton. 

“I tell him all the time, you know, he inspires me every day because he keeps up with a go getter attitude," said Shalondra. "He gets on to me if he sees me slacking, you know. If he's working out and wants me to work out, he'll say. Mom, I'm doing this with one leg, you better come on, so I have no choice”

Weatherton will compete at State on May 13 in Austin, and Farrell believes that regardless of if he wins or loses, Cason's message of dedication even with challenges should continue to spread.

“The thing that I got from Cason’s Mom were the words 'I’m possible', not impossible, but 'I’m possible,'" Farrell said. "Anything that he decides that he wants to do, he does it, and he finds a way to do it. It might be a different way, but he's gonna find a way to get it done. He's gonna make it possible. And so I love that. And I think that's a story that everybody needs to hear.”

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