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Our Week 5 Coach of the Week fan vote features two coaches who faced-off in Week 3 last Friday

New Diana's Travis Chrisman had his Eagles in a strong 2-0 position heading into the game. New Diana opened the season with a 30-point victory over Harmony before beating White Oak by 20. 

Alto's Ricky Meeks also led his team to a 2-0 record. The Yellowjackets edged out Westwood 28-20 in Week 1 before shutting out Timpson 45-0 in Week 2. Unlike their opponents, Meeks led his team to a winning record last year, helped by a 3-0 start.

On Friday night, Alto beat New Diana 50-0.

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Poll Answers: Travis Chrisman - New Diana, Ricky Meeks - Alto,