LINDALE, Texas — Lindale's Chris Cochran has a passion for his job as the head football coach. 

"I love getting to be called coach," Cochran said.

Like any coach, one of the primary reasons for his passions is the positive impact he has on his players.

However, he never knew that how skills he learned as a coach would apply for the next stage of his life. Chris, and his wife Lindsay, had just received the news they were going to formally adopt a child.

"It takes my breath away when I think it about it," Cochran said. "I was like 'Is this an April Fool's Joke.' And she said 'It's not.'"

The two began working with Christian Homes to find the right baby to bring into their home. From January to April, the couple had to wait to find out if and when they would be able to have their family grow.

"His name is Coby Tate," Cochran said. "He was born in June. We got to be there for the birth, and we brought him home 48 hours later."

Little Coby has given Cochran a better understanding of what his role is as a father and a coach.

"It gives you a different perspective. You also learn that that little guy is depending on you," Cochran said. "I have an opportunity to love these young men that are in this locker room and on that field. And, you know, I have that opportunity every single day, and I want to make sure I'm doing that."

Cochran says at times, being a coach and a father was tough. However, he would not trade the experience for anything.

"Just something that when you look back, it's like, you can see God's hand on it," Cochran said.