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Player of the Week: Chapel Hill's Demetrius Brisbon

The dual-threat QB totaled 6 touchdowns in a 69-20 win over Greenville.

CHAPEL HILL, Texas — He can hurt you through the air and on the ground. When you're playing against a dual-threat quarterback like Chapel Hill's Demetrius Brisbon, it's going to be a long night for the defense.

Brisbon had five passing touchdowns and added an additional rushing touchdown, bringing his total to six in a blowout victory. It was a crucial win, as it got the Bulldogs their long-awaited first win of the year.

"Just like Coach Riordan explained to us earlier, this year we're a better 0-2 team than last year when we were 2-0," Brisbon said. "He was right on that. So, the team just took it in and went out and performed."

The game plan was executed to near perfection as Brisbon and the offense were running freely for most of the night. Brisbon said that everything really clicked out on the field.

"It was the one high safety. I know that what we were doing was going to work," Brisbon said. "I looked him off to make him go the other direction and my receivers got open."

Head Coach Jeff Riordan knows it was a crucial win, and he praised Brisbon and the rest of the Bulldogs for being mentally and physically tough to get that first win. Riordan knows the momentum is on their side now, but he also knows that they have to keep their focus.

"I told them immediately after the game: curiosity kills the cat, but complacency kills the dog. And we don't want the Bulldogs to get complacent," Riordan said.

Next up, the Bulldogs travel to Nacogdoches to try and keep the winning momentum rolling. And no doubt, Demetrius Brisbon will be a focal point of that game plan.

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