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ETPCU Player of the Week: Gilmer's Brandon Tennison

Brandon Tennison earns ETPCU player of the week.

GILMER, Texas — We've reached the quarterfinals of the Texas high school football playoffs and only the strong survive. Several defending state champs met their match this past weekend and were upset.

One team that was eliminated in last year's state championship game is back in the hunt and they're being led by our East Texas Professional Credit Union Player of the Week. For those not yet acquainted, we introduce you to Gilmer Buckeye quarterback, Brandon Tennison.

Find our Q&A with the star QB here: 

Ashley: This last week you played Van. The game didn't start out how you wanted it to, but then you all came back and had this great victory led by you as the quarterback. What is it? Is it your experience that you kept your poise throughout the entire game and lead your team to victory?

Brandon: It's as good a lot of experience being in games like that. It only makes you better. So like last year in the game with PG that I've done it that the whole time going through the van game and it helped us come back. He helped me keep my boys and my teammates helped me throughout the whole time with the whole thing.

Ashely: Alright, well, let's talk about you for a second because your numbers are out of this world. You have over 3,000 yards on the season. 31 TDs in the air.  But what is it? Is it the fact that you also have a star in Rohan Fluellen? Like what is it that keeps you producing these high numbers every single week? You had five touchdowns against Caddo mills and then six against Van. Talk to us about that.

Brandon: It starts with my offensive line. I didn't have them or if they weren't giving me the time that I had in the pocket. I wouldn't be I wouldn't have any of these sets that I have. Then it goes to the receivers they do a really good job of getting open and catching the ball and helps a lot.

Ashley: Y'all made it to the state championship game in which I lost the Carthage and then you're well on your way now. Do you think your experience last year getting to the game has helped you with your poise and leading the team into the playoffs this season?

Brandon: Yes, there's helped a lot of experience last year. We didn't we left with a salty taste in our mouth. We worked all offseason to not experience that again. So I feel like that's helped us a lot with ours as our confidence gets back to where we are.

Ashley: You play Pleasant Grove this year. And you tore them up. And now you have Pleasant Grove again. What's the mindset coming into this game? We know y'all got the dub early on in the season. But this is another ballgame as you say, take a game at a time. What's your mindset going in?

Brandon: We know that it's the playoffs and every team is gonna play the best that they can. So we have to treat them as if they're Carthage or anybody else in that nature.

Ashley: Alright, so let's talk about you you are headed to UTSA. UTSA has had a spectacular season. Obviously, Jeff Traylor is the commonality here. With UTSA and Gilmer, I mean, your stadiums' named after him. How excited are you to play at the next level under Coach Traylor?

Brandon: Oh, very excited. Those are the countries that I've always wanted to be coached by ever since I was a little kid. Whenever I was younger, and I heard that he was I was kind of bummed out about it, but it's okay. It's come to a full circle now.

Ashley: Once again, congratulations for being our player of the week, and we wish you nothing but the best of success this upcoming Friday.

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