LONGVIEW, Texas — Q: To those who may not know you, who is Jonny Louvier?

A: “I’m a coach. Coaching is what I do, but it’s not who I am. First and foremost I’ve got a family. My wife is Meghann and we have our son Henry, who is four and our daughter, Halle, is two. I know we haven’t told everybody, but we got one more on the way. So, I’m a father of three, or soon to be three. Our third is due in September. Football baby. Perfect timing. But, ultimately, I coach to make a difference. That’s who I am.”

Q: Who were some people that influenced you and maybe mentored you along the way?

A: “Coach (David) Hussman is high school and when I went to A&M Commerce it was Coach (Joe) Cathan. Coach Cathan was really the reason I got into coaching. Seeing him interact with kids and realizing the difference he made in their lives. I knew that was something I was called to do. Those are probably the biggest two. But there were others like Tommy Edwards and Bart Bradley. They made a difference in my life and I saw them make a difference with some other kids that might have strayed away. Just seeing that personally is what drew me to this.”

Q: Do you have any interesting memories of the times you competed against Spring Hill?

A: “My first memory of Spring Hill is way back. My dad took me to Spring Hill basketball games because of Chad Mackey. And my very first jersey I ever had was a No. 14 Chad Mackey jersey. And as far as competing against them, it was beating them in the playoffs in 2001. I still have a lot of friends from Spring Hill and we stay in touch.”

0801019 Chad Mackey PIC
Chad Mackey - 1993 Spring Hill graduate
Louisiana Tech University

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