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Christian Heritage wins school's first football state championship

The Sentinels returned home to a school-wide celebration from their loyal supporters.

LONGVIEW, Texas — With a multiple score lead and time running out in the fourth quarter, head coach Griff Mauldin and his Christian Heritage team started to realize that their dreams were becoming a reality.

"You always dream of having an opportunity to win a state championship," Mauldin said. "To get there at that point, and to come out as a state champion, that's a dream come true."

A 36-20 final over Bracken Christian clinched the Sentinels their first football state championship in school history, marking a successful end to a long historic playoff win for the 6-man football squad.

The taste of victory was even sweeter for seniors like Boaz Dyess, who continued to grind and progress throughout his time on the team. And when the final whistle blew on his very last game, the work turned out to all be worth it.

"It's a big deal for Christian Heritage to win state. This is the first time we've even been to state," Dyess said. "So, this whole time we've been like trailblazers. We're making school history, and it's been so special."

When they returned to school on Monday, they were met with the biggest 'welcome home party' they could have ever imagined.

The halls of the school were packed with students, teachers, and parents equipped with handmade signs and other signs of school spirit. As the champions made their way through the halls, they were met with the raucous screams of joy from everyone they passed. Every high five and hug along the way was just part of the sweetness of their victory.

For senior Cason Owens and his Sentinel teammates, seeing this immense support from their entire Christian Heritage family was the most special moment of all.

"It was awesome. That actually felt bigger to me than winning the game. Just having the community behind us and the people we have to support us," Owen said. "That's bigger than football to me, that's family. And that was just super special to see."

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