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'They were ready to come back' | Pittsburg coach discusses first 3 weeks of summer workouts

Coach Brad Baca said he is optimistic football will still happen in the fall. To ensure COVID-19 doesn't spread, he is being creative with how workouts are handled.

PITTSBURG, Texas — Schools across the State of Texas are welcoming athletes back on campus for summer workouts. 

Workouts officially began on June 8, however many schools have since canceled or postponed workouts due to positive COVID-19 cases. Still, other programs soldiered on one day at a time.

"It's been about three weeks since we've had organized workouts with our team," Pittsburg Head Coach Brad Baca said. "I think kids were excited to get out of the house, and they were ready to come back."

Coach Baca said his team there were several guidelines they had to abide by to ensure the safety of both the athletes and coaches. 

"We've had a lot of things that we've done to take precautions, and so far, it's going really well," Baca said. "[My wife] created this Google form that all of our athletes before they arrive on campus fill out that has their name on it. And they answer a 'yes or no' question to all the COVID symptoms. So if any student-athlete has a 'yes' answer, then they stay at home."

Baca said he keeps his players in specific groups so if there is a positive case, the case would be easy to trace. Also, the entire team would not be exposed to the virus if there is a positive case.

His ultimate goal is completing summer workouts while keeping his players safe and healthy.

Baca said he believes it is important for football to be played in the fall after all the country has gone through so far in 2020.

"We're used to getting together as communities and celebrating and cheering and watching our sons and daughters play sports," Baca said. "That's as American and as Texas as it gets, you know, watching [and] playing football in the fall."

Baca acknowledges there is a long way to go before football season, however he is optimistic.