TYLER - Every January, the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award is presented to one of the best college football players in the country.

Every June, the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award scholarship is presented to one of the top scholar-athletes in East Texas.

This year's winner is former John Tyler football player Emmanuel Daniels. Not only did Daniels play on the Lions football team, but he was also the valedictorian this year.

He says it took a lot of hard work to do both of those things. "It takes sheer determination, motivation, and willpower, that's all it is, because you can't fall short...you just have to want to do it."

Daniels becomes the 2nd player from Earl's high school (John Tyler) to win this scholarship. And knowing he's helping fellow Lions makes it even better for the Tyler Rose.

Campbell says "Just to have a student from John Tyler...in general, that makes it even better I believe."

Daniels will head to Texas A&M in the fall and has plans to become a surgeon.