TYLER - After being selected by the San Diego Padres in the 3rd round of the 2017 MLB Draft. Former Whitehouse star Mason House is still in shock that his pro dreams are now a reality.

"This last year has been unbelievable it's been crazy you know going into my senior year I thought I might just go and play some Juco ball you know and to be where I am now it's been very unbelievable," says House.

House spent his first year in the pros with the Padres rookie league team, and while making the jump from high school to the pros has been an adjustment and he's risen to the challenge.

"It's just different. You have to go to a different place to compete. They've pushed me a lot to get me better. A lot of it for me was, the game is so sped up so much from high school. In high school everything is slowed down a lot so getting used to that, that was the biggest thing for me," explains House.

House hopes to one day be the face of a Major League Baseball franchise. But for now, he's focused on improving his play through help from his coaches, and some big name East Texas stars.

"I can pick their brains apart and learn as much mentally I can about the game of baseball as well as getting pushed by guys that have been there guys that are in the league you know so it's a little of the best of both worlds there," says House.

While he may still be a few years away from the big leagues. House knows that hard work and dedication will take him where he wants to go.

"At the end of the day I still have to get my work in and get better everyday, you know trust the process, it's kind of out of my hand where I land but as long as I get better every day I'll be happy," explains House.