TYLER - The Lindale football team recently named Chris Cochran as their new head coach. While the man he replaced was both the coach and Athletic Director, the Lindale School District hadn't decided what they would do moving forward.

That decision was made on Monday as it was announced that Grace football coach Mike Maddox would be leaving the Cougars and would become Lindale's new Athletic Director.

Maddox has spent the past 11 seasons at Grace, leading the Cougars to the playoffs in each of the past 8 seasons. In his place, Grace has named defensive coordinator Norm Thompson as their interim head coach.

In a statement, coach Thompson said, “It's an honor and a privilege to take over a program that Coach Maddox has built. As coaches, we will do our best to maintain the excellent standards he established for the Grace Football Program."

Lindale ISD Superintendent Stan Surratt also issued a statement saying, "Coach Maddox is a perfect fit for our athletic program. He has the reputation of not only being one of the most respected coaches in East Texas, but also a wonderful mentor for young athletes and coaches."