TYLER - For several years, a group led by former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo tried to get a fantasy football convention started. But at every turn, they were blocked by the NFL.

Last year, the group was finally able to hold their inaugural event with 50 current and former NFL players.

This weekend, they'll have their 2nd annual convention and this year, they're expecting almost 200 NFL stars.

NFFC CEO Andy Alberth says, "We didn't just give up and there were times where we thought about giving up because any time you take on a big 3-letter company like that, they've shut a lot of them down."

In addition to seminars and lectures, fans will have a chance to meet players, take pictures with them, and just talk with them in a casual enviroment. And that's what makes this event unlike anything else.

Alberth adds, "It's a way for fans to be able to interact with players. We can all go to a Cowboy game, a Steeler game, sit at the 50 yard line, spend a lot of money for those tickets, but win or lose, we're going to walk out and not meet a player. [The NFFC is] a way not just to meet the players, but actually talk to them, have a conversation with them."

The NFFC will take place on Saturday and Sunday at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Ft. Worth. For more information or to purchase tickets, CLICK HERE