PITTSFORD, NY - At just 20 years old, Team USA freestyle moguls skier, Morgan Schild already has an impressive resume. She won the U.S. National Championship in 2017, was named the 2015 FIS World Cup Rookie of the Year and has two World Cup victories. Now, she's looking to check Olympic medal off the list.

"During that moment if she's on the podium I will be quite tearful as I know she will be," Morgan's mom, Lorraine said.

VIDEO: Moms of the Game: Lorraine Schild

Lorraine, along with her husband Buzz (Morgan's dad) have watched her ski since she was a little girl.

"Five years old she was on plastic skis, then she went to cross country," Lorraine explained. "Once she started skiing moguls I thought wow she looks pretty good compared to the rest, let's see what she can do with it."

Growing up near Bristol Mountain, it was no surprise Morgan fell in love with the slopes and eventually with moguls during a friendly competition.

"I think I got dead last, but I loved it. I loved the fact that the moguls kind of made this obstacle course down the hill and it didn't hurt I could ski away from my parents and they couldn't catch me," Morgan Schild said.

Eventually Morgan's career went from just skiing on the weekends at Bristol Mountain to competing in national competitions out west.

But after a breakout season in 2014, Morgan had to miss nearly two years of competition.

"It was tough to actually not see her living at her potential to where she wanted to be," Lorraine said.

Morgan went through two surgeries and 22 months of rehab after tearing her ACL.

"Seeing all my teammates compete while I was injured was a little tough for me but it kind of gave me this hungry edge and motivation I needed to be back and try to dominate once I got back," Morgan explained.

Her first competition back, Morgan came in third during a World Cup competition in Lake Placid. Now all eyes turn to PyeongChang. But even half way around the world, Morgan will have Western New York on her mind.

"It would give me great joy to bring light to my hometown."