CARLISLE - Last year this athlete played a pivotal role during the season and this year he and his team are ready to take their next step in the playoffs and after putting on quite a performance last Friday. Carlisle's Gerald Turner is your player of the week.

You can never take days off so you always have to move forward day by day and game by game. So you really just don't have to worry about anything else other than the game that's ahead of you so no skipping games just week by week.

Coming out on the field [Last Friday] they [Troup] had the big advantage because they were bigger and had a little bit more speed so we had something to show when we came out to prove to other people because nobody believed in us so we had to just come out and show them that we could get the job done.

How hows this transitioned changed from last year?

It changed everything from my stress level to just everything. I'm the leader on the team so I have to always stay positive no matter if I'm having a bad day I have to keep pushing. It's not an easy thing to do. You have to just step up and my coaches really just believe in me more than I believed in myself so they moved me to quarterback to show me that I can do anything I put my mind to.

I really just do whatever I have to do for my teammates to show them to always keep pushing. During the summer workouts everyone just kept pushing me to my limits and telling me how I can do it and just do it for the team and everyone has just been really on my side for me to just keep going. They ask me everyday Gerald, how do you do it and I just tell them every time I don't know.

What's it like having two Bakers on the field?

They [Coaches Clay and Rocky Baker] have a great relationship so it shows you how you should work with others and be around others. So seeing them bond together and work together makes me want to do better everyday.

The way we work, the work ethic is just perfect and on point. There's more energy this year so that's what I think the difference is between the past few years that I've been here. It's a good group to grow with it's a good group to learn and make mistakes with on the field. It's just that everybody on the team is a positive person. No remarks if you mess up or anything so I just love growing up and being around it.

Everybody is family even the parents. Everybody bonds together so it's a great place to be. We never feel like the underdogs we really just come out and do the same thing every game no matter who we play and it can be an easy team or hard team. It's the same effort.