TYLER - This weeks athlete has continued to find success through air. Over the past few seasons he's not only made his teammates better but has set and broken school records at the same time. Bishop T.K. Gorman quarterback Jake Smith is the Patterson of Hyundai of Tyler Player of the Week.

"We're [The Team] on rise, it's a little late to be on the rise I think we're getting there and I'm really excited on where we're going to go. I think we're really improving every week as we learn more, and learn from our mistakes."

"It's been a special season to me. Senior year is something you're never going to forget I think a lot of our guys have finally started to understand that this is the late go round they're going to get. For most of them it's their last competitive football game ever. It's really starting to sink in now that we only have two games left in the regular season."

"I didn't even know that I hit 10,000 yards until after the game after someone had told me. I knew I was approaching it and I said to myself that it's all fine. But, I wasn't looking to break it and I wasn't going out there telling coach we need to throw to reach 10,000. When it finally happened it was crazy. There's been all these Texas high school football athletes and all these players that come through these programs, and have put up these numbers that I'm putting up. To even be mentioned in this same category is just humbling."

"I think I've really grown and matured. I'm starting to get guys going now. I think I have a little bit more inspirational power behind me. I use my words a little bit less, because in my opinion the best words are spoken with a closed mouth. You go out there and if you show them what to do they'll follow you. You don't need to tell them what to do."

"When I see the crusader across my chest I think family. It's cliche' I think everybody says it. But, shout out to my o-line. They're the hardest working guys in the state, and I have the greatest receivers in the state they always work hard in practice. They're always working their tails off, and I have the hardest workers in the state, in this locker room right now."

"I've been coming out here everyday in practice, and seeing these guys and having a bright-smiley face on them and it'll just be a little sad to have it all take away from me. You live and you go on but, I will definitely miss these guys and this program."