MARSHALL - This week's athlete has been shredding opposing defenses all through out the season especially in district play and after going 16-20 for 297 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 66 rushing yards he's this weeks player of the week.

"The first drive we came out scored alright this is going to be an exciting game you come out on the first drive and you score you're already pumped up. We went out again and scored. Then we just kept scoring, and I said this is going to be a good game. Then after awhile you forget about the points and stuff you just play the game you love and you just keep doing it and you keep doing everything right the good things add up."

"I remember I was at 3 touchdowns and I went back to the sideline and they said I was at 6 touchdowns and we were at halftime. I was in shock. Coach said we were going to do one more drive with the 'ones' and I said 'yes sir' and we went down and scored. Now I was at 7 and they were telling me that the school record was 8. But then they told me the school record happen to be 6 and that I broke the record. That was pretty big, and I'm happy."

"We game planned them all week long my coach had me confident going into the game so I was feeling great and my receivers ran great routes to be open. Our coach doesn't let us stop. He's not going to take no for an answer when he wants something done that's what we're going to do we going to do it for us and for him."

"We're all we got so if we get down on each other it's only going to make it worse we start getting closer to each other we start to learn how to play as a team and not for being selfish. Play for yourself and play as a team. So if you do that everything will come together. We look at each other as family if one goes down we all go down so if one goes down we're going to pick them up."

How do you feel when you put that jersey on?

"Excited and ready to play. I go through the whole week just ready for Friday so that I can go out there and play"

Who are some people who have influenced you along this path?

"My mom, coach Mathis, my quarterback coach Griedl because once upon a time last year I was getting down on myself because I wasn't doing well they always pick me up and give me confidence and ever since then I've been rocking with it. You can't go wrong with doing something you love to do so you might as well enjoy it while you can because it's not going to last forever."