WHITEHOUSE - This weeks athlete makes the impossible possible and he excels at both ends of the ball especially after the impressive number he put up last Friday, and he's this week's player of the week.

Football means everything to me just like my family and friends it means a lot I have much respect and I care a lot about the game especially when you get to be with friends and you consider them family too. It's a blessing to be around these people.

During the game it was all about being focused from the first whistle to the last whistle, I had to make sure that I was focused and I had to make sure that my teammates were focused.

When everybody is on the same page we can get a lot done it's the character in all these guys it's like they're all unique every single on of them. I'm so blessed to be surrounded by a group of guys like this and it's a blessing to do things that we love which is playing football.

We always text each other call each other no matter what we can always talk to each other about everything. Even if we have our ups and downs at the end of the day when we come into this locker room it's our sanctuary when we hit the field it's our sanctuary it's when you can let it all out let out all of our anger all of our emotions out on the football field and we use it in a positive way. We use it to move the ball down the field, we use it to stop offenses that's how we do it over here.

Picking each other up instead of bringing each other down we have to work on that real hard and how to bring each other up. It's like what we did a worked out during the summer. We had to go through a lot of adversity during the summer. We went through a lot of adversity this last Friday so we had to work on a lot of that.

Anybody that sits in this locker room and has the desire has as much heart not even playing football. Someone who has that much heart, desire, and courage to just play they have an opportunity to have a chance to play at the next level like Pat and Dylan.

I'm just going to leave it all out on the field and make sure that everyone of my teammates and make sure the whole staff and the whole school leaves out on the field every Friday.