HALLSVILLE - Last Friday, this player was all over the field not only was he playing on both sides of the ball but he had an impressive punt return for a touchdown and went 3 of 4 on extra points and Tristan Driggers is this weeks player of the week.

"I love kicking," says Driggers.

What is it about it that you love?

"Just everything I hope one day it comes down to the game winning kick and I get to kick it."

What about doing punt returns?

"It's fun to see the ball in the air I just want to go catch it, and juke everybody out. I don't know I just ran backwards and I'm seeing all my blockers and if I didn't have blocks I wouldn't have scored and I saw everybody block and I just went down the sideline and scored. It was like it was unreal and it was late at the end of the game and I was like wow that's another one it was unreal I never had a game like that."

Is it easy to make that transition?

"No not really last Friday night the one I missed we didn't have the tee, I was like where is the tee and they were like you were supposed to get the tee and I was like well I just scored a touchdown and I just told them to put it on the ground no tee I'll just kick it. I have to make it I have to win any special teams mess up can make or break a game. It's kind of scary because what if you miss it everybody is going to blame the game on you but at the same time you have the confidence that you are going to make it."

"You just have to go and do the best that I can and work on my craft each day so that so I can be one of those dudes that go to the NFL."

How do you stay mentally strong to be able to do that?

"In order to win, I have to win, I'm tired of losing. It's a blessing I like putting on the purple and gold it's nothing like it. It's like a brotherhood, everybody has got each others back. We all are buying into what coach Drennon is bringing to the table. Working us hard each practice telling us things to do we're listening to him and going to do it. I'm very glad he came over here. He is bringing that winning mentality over here and it's very good we needed that big time."

What is it like to have about 4 or 5 different jobs?

"I'm tired, I just have to do the job. He [Coach Joe Drennon] tells me to do it and he puts me there and he puts his trust in me. I'm glad he does. Every time get the ball I have to go score, every time I see the end-zone I'm gone. If anybody is in my way I just have to go, go, and go."