LIBERTY CITY - This is the first year there's been a Pineywoods Little League team. And those East Texas all-stars are having a great debut season.

Pineywoods has crushed their competition so far this postseason. They went 3-0 in the district tournament and followed that up by going 3-0 in the section tournament.

And the players know that they're representing all of East TExas as they get ready to get back on the field.

Pineywoods outfielder Travis Collie says, "It feels good being the first team, and I'm glad that we were able to make it this far, and I just hope that we can keep going."

Part of the reason for their success this year is that these kids have been playing together for awhile. And they're hoping that bond will take them a long way this summer.

Pineywoods coach Tim Truman adds, "You just develop a relationship with them. It just becomes baseball on the field in between the lines. And then it becomes family after that."

Pineywoods will open the Texas East state tournament Saturday at 5:00 PM when they play Lamar. That game (and the entire tournament) will take place at Faulkner Park in Tyler.