LINDALE - This week's athlete put on quite the performance he went 16-23 for 192 yards, 4 touchdowns, 15 carries for 81 yards, and he had a rushing touchdown against the Jacksonville Indians last Friday. This week Lindale senior quarterback Dillon Heinaman is our final Patterson Hyundai of Tyler player of the week for the 2018-2019 season.

"They jumped out on us early but it was 20-8 or something like that and then right before the end of the half we put together a seven play 45 second drive we capped it off with a 15 yard touchdown to Brennan Moore so then that lead the comeback."

"We just have a bunch of winners we just know how to compete we play harder than anybody we play if you come to the games you see that. These guys play extremely hard and we take pride in that. It's great my senior year to go 5-2 in district that's something we haven't done here in a while. We haven't done that since I was probably 8-years-old."

"I'm a huge Lindale Eagle football fan. I remember little me throwing the football on the field pregame and watching those guys and those guys being my heroes so that's great for me to know that these little kids get to see a winning football program. I cherish every moment I put on this jersey. Every time I put on this jersey I just feel special I just feel like I'm living my dreams."

How special is Coach Cochran to this football program?

"Once a coach comes they have to earn the trust of their guys. He already had our trust. We knew this man is legitimate. We went from giving up 50 something points a game to shutting out Chapel Hill in the opener his first year here. Then seeing some of the best defensive performances I've ever seen. So we respected him already, he's a special guy and we love him to death."

What does your o-line mean to you?

"Those are special guys I remember after one play I threw a touchdown pass to Colton Brown and I came off the field and looked at the o-line and said this is better than 7 on 7. I have 5,6, or 7 seconds to throw. Eventually something is going to some up and keep it up guys, and those guys are a special group. Even after football, after our season comes to an end because all great things come to an end. I know I can call any of these guys and they'll help me out with anything that I need. They can also call me and I'd help them out with anything they need these are my guys, these are my brothers. It's a process you know I've loved the process for so long and so have these guys around me so it's finally staring to love us back and it's awesome."