NEW DIANA -This weeks athlete is a two way player who continues to excel on the field. Not only did he have 151 rushing yards, 100 yards receiving, 11 tackles and a few touchdowns and he's this weeks player of the week.

"We came out we played good everybody was feeling good on offense and defense. Then we get back on offense everybody is playing well and everything and I run the ball well and the coaches called good plays. Everybody blocked hard the quarterback had a good read and that's the only thing that got me to get what I got when I scored a touchdown."

"I like defense it's my favorite position. We had a lot of group tackling. I love hitting it's my favorite thing to do when I see one person open, I'm ready to go hit. The offense I see a hole I'm going to break through it and try to get what I get, and try to get a touchdown. We need the win that's what we need we try our hardest there's a lot of players on the team."

"We practice everyday offense and defense. Everybody plays both sides. There's not that many people out there, and this is what we sign up for. So we have to come here and play hard regardless. What's really special about this team is how we went from 10-4 and now we're going back to this again. But they're still playing hard, they still get up early just like the 10-4 team. They still do the same out there, it's the same thing with better plays and better defensive calls."

What does it mean when you put that jersey on?

Everything...this is where it started at. I already know what it is when I put this thing on. I know have to go out there and work hard.

What is your goal at then end of the day?

To make it to college...that's one of my biggest goals. My dream goal is to make it to the NFL too. I really want to make it.

How influential have your parents been?

"They mean a lot to me. They've been there since I was little. They always push me and everything. You get in trouble and everything. That's what we did. Then there would be punishment. The punishment would then make every one tough that's what gets you to that next level too. You just put that mindset in your head and keep grinding and pushing hard through the game to try and get the win."

"You just try to push your team and help them. I'm trying my hardest so that the younger guys on my team can follow in my footsteps. Hopefully that happens and the team will be able to go to state for the first time. I'm going to keep keep grinding so I can get out of here and I'm going to miss it too."

What are you going to miss?

"The coaches, atmosphere, the teammates...everything."