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Sitting down with UTSA's super-senior dads

College football and the dad life—these Roadrunners are experiencing both at the same time.

SAN ANTONIO — This fall, UTSA football brings back 12 "super seniors" thanks to the 2020 NCAA COVID waiver. 

They love that number, and they like this one, too: The Roadrunners have five dads on their current roster. 

Sincere McCormick, Makai Hart, Lorenzo Dantzler, Dadrian Taylor and Dequarius Henry literally have responsibilities on and off the field. 

"She is definitely the focal point of my life," said senior LB Dequarius Henry of his daughter. "She is the reason that I do what I do, which is being the best man that I can be. Especially with me still being in college, and doing football. I'm embracing that role."

The dynamic is certainly interesting. The guys are still living the college life, but also living the real world life off the field as full-time dads. 

"I get up every morning and see his face on my phone screen—it makes my day," said senior safety Dadrian Taylor. "It makes me wanna win the day and compete, to do everything I need to do to make sure that he's good at the end of the day."

"When he looks back on my playing football I want him to see that I was a leader, and that I was accountable," said senior defensive end Lorenzo Dantzler of his son. 

"Lorenzo chose to come back. Dequarius chose to come back," added Head Coach Jeff Traylor. "They are working other jobs trying to make odds meet." 

"It gives you motivation that you've never had before because you have to provide for someone besides yourself," added senior offensive lineman Makai Hart. 

"When I come home from football practice, I go straight into being a dad, and I love that aspect of my life right now," Dantzler said. "Just being a father brought my life to a whole new level. Just having something to smile about, and something to live for every day."

The players said while they love all their teammates, there is nothing like loving their numbers. 

"She had my jersey, so she knows exactly who her dad is," Henry said. 

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