CARTHAGE — There is no denying Carthage's Scott Suratt is winner. He has six state titles to his name in eleven seasons with the Bulldogs.

In fact, under Suratt, the Bulldogs have more championships than playoff losses.

He's a perfectionist. He is known for intensity.

"Passion or intense. Just the passion for the game in a little and very intense very disciplined," Suratt said. "And the main thing is I still have fun my 29th year, and I still enjoy every minute of it. And hopefully we make it fun for our players and staff, and I think the fans love the kind of football we play."

Coach Suratt has had a long and storied career. But his highlight happened a decade ago.

"It was in 2008 the state championship just because it was the first in school history," Suratt said. "It was the last game played in old Texas Stadium to be the last game and win the first championship in school history. It was a very special moment."